Best Party to Handle Australia’s Health System

Aug 22, 2011

Q. Overall, which party do you think would be best at handling Australia’s health system?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
The Labor Party 26% 69% 3% 39%
The Liberal Party 33% 2% 71% 3%
No difference 27% 18% 18% 39%
Don’t know 14% 10% 8% 19%

Opinions of party best to handle Australia’s health system very much follow voting preferences. Overall the Liberal Party is favoured over labor by 33% to 26%. 41% either don’t know or think there is no difference. 69% of Labor voters favour the Labor Party and 71% of Liberal/National voters favor the Liberals.

Men favour the Liberals 40% to 27% while women are more evenly divided – 25% Labor, 26% Liberal and 49% no difference/don’t know.

Those on incomes under $600pw favour Labor over the Liberals by 34% to 22% – all other income groups favour the Liberal Party.


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