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Best Leader for GFC

Sep 5, 2011

Q. If there was another global financial crisis or a recession, which of the following would be best to lead Australia?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens
Kevin Rudd 24% 34% 13% 37%
Tony Abbott 20% 4% 44%
Julia Gillard 13% 42% 1% 18%
Malcolm Turnbull 13% 7% 17% 17%
Joe Hockey 7% 1% 11% 3%
Don’t know 22% 12% 15% 25%

24% think Kevin Rudd would be best to lead Australia if there was another GFC and 20% favour Tony Abbott.

Among Labor voters Julia Gillard is preferred over Kevin Rudd 42% to 34%. Support for the current party leaders among their own voters is very similar – 42% of Labor voters prefer Julia Gillard and 44% of Liberal/National voters prefer Tony Abbott.


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