Best Government in last 10 years

Aug 29, 2017

Q. How would you rate the different Federal Governments Australia has had over the last 10 years? Please rank them 1 to 4 from best to worst, where 1 is the best Government, 2 the second best, 3 the third and 4 the worst.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th   1st Vote Labor 1st Vote Lib/Nat 1st Vote Greens 1st Vote other
Kevin Rudd’s (first) Labor Government 32% 27% 22% 19%   52% 8% 51% 30%
Julia Gillard’s Labor Government 22% 28% 26% 24%   38% 6% 36% 19%
Tony Abbott’s Coalition Government 20% 22% 21% 37%   5% 31% 2% 34%
Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition Government 26% 23% 31% 20%   6% 55% 11% 17%

Note – based on the 771 respondents who answered the question.


32% thought Kevin Rudd’s Labor Government was Australia’s best Government over the last 10 years, 26% selected the Turnbull Coalition Government and 22% Julia Gillard’s Labor Government. 20% thought Tony Abbott’s Coalition Government was the best – and 37% believed it was the worst. 25% of respondents said “don’t know” and these have been excluded from these figures.

Opinions mainly follow party preferences, 90% of Labor voters selected a Labor Government and 86% of Liberal/National voters selected a Coalition Government. Greens voters preferred Labor Governments, while other party voters were divided – 34% preferred Tony Abbott’s Coalition Government and 30% selected Kevin Rudd’s Labor Government.

On a head-to-head basis –

57% rank Kevin Rudd ahead of Julia Gillard, 60% rank him ahead of Tony Abbott and 55% rank him better than Malcolm Turnbull.

54% rank Julia Gillard ahead of Tony Abbott and 51% rank her better than Malcolm Turnbull.

61% rank Malcolm Turnbull ahead of Tony Abbott.


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