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Benefits of economic measures

13 Mar 2018

Q. Who do you think would benefit from each of these measures?

  Big business Small business Workers People on low incomes The economy overall None of them Don’t know
Reduce corporate tax to stimulate investment 52% 29% 21% 14% 27% 2% 14%
Increase the Newstart allowance to increase consumer spending 10% 19% 18% 53% 24% 11% 14%
Regulate energy prices to reduce cost of living pressures 20% 35% 47% 59% 43% 3% 9%
Create a partnership between business, unions and government to better share the benefits of economic growth 28% 29% 30% 19% 37% 9% 23%

A majority think that big business will benefit from corporate tax cuts but only 21% think workers will benefit.

53% think people on low incomes will benefit from increasing the Newstart allowance.

Those most likely to benefit from regulating energy prices were thought to be people on low incomes (59%), workers (47%) and small business (35%).

The benefits of a partnership between business, unions and government were spread between big business (28%), small business (29%) and workers (30%).

Actions of most benefit to the economy overall were reducing energy prices (43%) and creating a partnership between business, unions and government (37%). Only 27% think reducing corporate tax will benefit the economy overall.