Benefit to Schools of Building program

Jan 30, 2012

If children at school –

Q. How much did the schools those children attend benefit from the Government’s school building program?

Total Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Children at primary school Children at secondary school
A lot 19% 25% 16% 26% 15%
Moderately 30% 37% 31% 32% 29%
A little 23% 15% 33% 24% 22%
Not at all 12% 10% 11% 7% 17%
Don’t know 15% 13% 9% 11% 17%

Of the respondents with children at school, 49% thought their schools had benefited a lot of moderately, 23% thought they had benefited a little and 12% not at all. 58% of those with children at primary school thought their schools had benefited a lot/moderately compared to 44% of those with children at secondary schools.


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