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Australia’s future energy supply

Nov 27, 2017

Q. Thinking about Australia’s future energy supply, which of the following statements best describes what you think the Federal Government should do?



  Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Provide incentives and subsidies to speed up the transition from fossil fuels to renewables 49%   59% 44% 69% 46%
Let the market and consumers determine speed of transition from fossil fuels to renewables 16%   12% 24% 9% 18%
Take action to slow down the transition from fossil fuels to renewables 12%   8% 12% 6% 23%
Don’t know 22%   21% 20% 16% 13%


49% support proving incentives to speed transition to renewables, 16% think the market should determine speed of transition and 12% think transition to renewables should be slowed.


Those most supportive of incentives and subsidies were Labor voters (59%), Greens voters (69%) and university educated (60%).


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