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Australia – Fair and Just Compared

Feb 13, 2012

Q. Would you say that Australia is more or less fair and just as a nation and society than the following countries?

More fair and just About the same Less fair and just Don’t know
China 66% 11% 11% 12%
The United States 47% 33% 10% 10%
Japan 41% 30% 12% 18%
France 34% 34% 13% 19%
The UK 26% 58% 7% 9%
Canada 12% 61% 13% 14%
New Zealand 12% 68% 11% 9%

66% think Australia is a more fair and just society than China and 47% think Australia is more fair than the United States.

More than half think Australia is about as fair and just as New Zealand (68%), Canada (61%) and the UK (58%).

Views about the United States are similar across most demographic groups except for those on higher incomes – 51% of those on incomes over $1,600 pw think Australia is more fair and just than the United States.


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