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Are we driving truckies to death?

Mar 27, 2012

The national secretary of the Transport Workers Union, Tony Sheldon, blames the big retailers for creating unrealistic deadlines for truck drivers which in turn leads to sleep deprivation and drug use that can have fatal results. Over 300 people die and 5000 people are injured each year in truck crashes.

After years of lobbying by the TWU for “safe rates”, the Government last week passed legislation to establish a tribunal that will make the users of trucking services answerable for their practices.

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The TWU is campaigning for Safe Rates for safe roads.

The new law sets up a Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal with the power to set minimum pay rates and conditions as well as resolve disputes and inquire into industry practices.

Sheldon told 3Q the major retailers remain opposed to the scheme but says they need to take responsibility for the economic and personal costs of tragedy which amounts to almost $3 billion a year.

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