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Angry Punter’s NSW Election Form Guide

25 Mar 2011

Tomorrow voters across NSW will be lining up to take a punt on their next government.  Who are the favourites, who are the outsiders, and where are the value bets?  The Angry Punter has cast his eye over the political horse flesh and provided his tips exclusively for The Unspun.

Race 1 – Premier of NSW Cup

This is supposedly a two-horse race, but the burly stallion Bazza O’Fazza will start at shorter odds than Black Caviar.  Little value for punters in this one.

Bazza O’Fazza – Long considered to be little more than a plodder, Bazza O’Fazza has developed into a genuine stayer with a wily sense of timing.  Has been set for this race, and will be very hard to beat.

Nobody’s Puppet – The imported glamour filly from has always been highly regarded, but has been hampered by a terrible preparation this time around.  A number of her ALP stable mates have been very frisky in the mounting yards, and this has caused endless distractions for young trainer Sam Dastyari.  Nobody’s Puppet has earned respect for simply getting to the starting gates under the circumstances.  Anything better than last by 15 lengths will be considered a success.

Race 2 – Upper House Guineas

A wide open field, with some good value roughies for those who like an adventurous wager.

No Parking Meters – Comes to its first big race meet with some good form in the country.  Has an impressive political pedigree – by No Land Tax out of No Road Tolls – but looks out its depth in this field.  Favourable barrier draw with Column B, but others have stronger claims.

Restore the Workers’ Rights – Back from a spell after a run of poor form.   Ran on strongly in the Attack the Greedy Insurance Industry Stakes, but was left behind in the Better Compo For People in Car Accidents Handicap.  Needs luck.

Save Our State – Loves it in the wet, so conditions will suit.  A soft track affected by corruption, transport congestion, and widespread voter disaffection will play into this mudlark’s hands.  Must be considered.

Shooters and Fishers – Surprised at last start with an impressive win.   By Hunting in National Parks out of Anti-Green Anger, this feisty stallion cannot be ignored.  Will be there at the finish.

Christian Democrats – Grand old stager of the track just keeps getting results.  Has great stamina and never gives up.  Another one that likes it muddy, will be spurred on by general  moral disintegration and the disturbing trend for young people to get tattoos.  Don’t dismiss.

John Hatton Group – Another veteran with experience at Group 1 level.  Has sound form in Newcastle, running on strongly in the Corruption Stakes and the Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Plate.  Good each way bet.

Stuart Baanstra – Upstart stallion with questionable form.  Was controversially removed by stewards at the barrier draw after taking off his clothes.  Little chance of getting a place, but one to watch anyway.

Top Tips

The Blacktown Maiden is one to keep an eye on.  Boom colt John Robertson has long been tipped as a Group 1 winner, but this is his first start at this level.  Expectations are high, but maiden fields are dangerously unpredictable.

Proven stayer Clover Moore should be a safe bet in the Sydney Golden Mile.  Uninformed commentary from mug punters such as Kyle Sandilands have suggested that this mare’s best days are behind her, but don’t bet on it.

The Wallsend Gift is likely to bring some rare joy to the Labor stable.  Local filly Sonia Hornery had a set-back when dumped from Cabinet by former stable-master Nathan Rees, but has returned to form with sound performances on the local track.  A good investment at generous odds.

Good luck tomorrow, and I hope you back a winner.