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Adani coal mine

13 Mar 2018

Q. Indian mining company Adani wants to build a large new coal mine in the Galilee Basin in Queensland which would produce coal to be exported back to India. Which of the following positions is closest to your view?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
The Liberal Party position – Support the mine and will allow it to go ahead 26% 15% 50% 9% 26%
The Labor Party position – Do not support the mine but will not revoke Adani’s licence to develop the mine 19% 38% 10% 10% 11%
The Greens position – Oppose the mine and will not allow it to go ahead 30% 31% 19% 69% 40%
Don’t know 24% 16% 21% 13% 24%

30% support the Greens position on the Adani coal mine – to oppose the mine and not allow it to go ahead. 26% support the Liberal Party position of supporting the coal mine and 19% support the Labor position of opposing the mine but not revoking their licence to develop the mine.

Among their own voters, the Greens have the highest support – 69% of Greens voters support the Greens position, 50% of Liberal voters support the Liberal position and 38% of Labor voters support the Labor position. 40% of minor party and independent voters and 31% of Labor voters support the Greens position.