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Abuse and violence

6 Dec 2016

Q. Do you think the following types of abuse and violence have increased or decreased in Australia over the last few years?

  Increased Decreased No change Don’t know
Racial abuse or violence 52% 12% 27% 9%
Homophobic abuse or violence 33% 29% 25% 13%
Abuse or violence of people because of their religion 59% 9% 21% 10%

59% think that religious abuse/violence in Australia has increased and 52% think racial abuse/violence has increased. Opinion was more divided over homophobic abuse/violence – 33% think it has increased and 29% decreased.

The main differences were between Labor and Liberal/National voters.

64% of Labor voters and 45% of LNP voters think racial abuse/violence has increased.

41% of Labor voters and 28% of LNP voters think homophobic abuse/violence has increased.

68% of Labor voters and 50% of LNP voters think religious abuse/violence has increased.