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2019 voting method

Apr 30, 2019

Q. Which of the following best describes how you intend to vote at the Federal Election?

  Total Vote Labor Vote Liberal / National Vote Greens NET: Vote Other
I will vote at a pre-poll before election day 21% 24% 23% 20% 16%
I will vote by post 12% 14% 12% 13% 9%
I will vote at a polling station on election day 56% 54% 60% 57% 70%
I’m not sure how I will vote 7% 7% 3% 7% 3%
I don’t intend to vote 3% 1% 1% 2% 1%
I intend to vote informal 1% 0% 0% 1% 0%
  • Just over half (56%) of voters intend to visit a polling station on election day, with pre-polling the second most popular option, with 21% intending to do this.
  • Voters of a minor or independent candidate are most likely to wait until election day to register their vote, with 70% indenting to vote at a station on election day.
  • Voters aged 55 and over are most likely to complete a pre-poll vote before election day (29%).


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